To discover the truth behind his nearly forgotten lineage, a curious housecat named Max must embark on a journey that will take him beyond the realms of imagination.

As he makes his way through a twisting plot filled with a robust group of characters, Max quickly begins to realize his fate when he is forced to make tough decisions under impossible circumstances.

Each book in the series combines a narrative mixture of science fiction and fantasy, and is carefully crafted to match a set of heartwarming values that will give the reader a meaningful and lasting impression.

All the adventure begins with the first book in the series titled; The Charmer, The Snake, and The Rain Cloud.

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Adam James Montgomery

Adam James Montgomery was born on the 12th of January, 1981 in the small town of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. At the early age of ten he developed an interest in writing and began composing short fictional stories.

Throughout his adolescence he attended various writing workgroups such as Slippery Rock University’s Gifted Creative Writing Program. In 1999 he opted to skip his senior year of high school to go directly to college, where he attended one semester at Penn State with a focus on psychology.

Adam originally wrote The Charmer, The Snake, and The Rain Cloud as an introspective psychological mind puzzle, but shortly after the completion, he felt that his audience wouldn’t have been able to relate to the context. He reworked the story into the adaptation that is currently in print by basing the same ideas off the original novel. To date, he refuses to answer any questions about the original version.

In addition to writing, Adam enjoys photography, composing music, socialization, nature, and science.  

The Charmer, The Snake, and The Rain Cloud
The Charmer, The Snake, and The Rain Cloud

Quietly nestled in the countryside between the borders of imagination and reality, lies the old Egkeep’s farmstead. In a recent string of inexplicable events, this once peaceful egg farm now rests uneasily threatened beneath the shadow of a rain cloud.

As fate would have it, an unsuspecting city cat named Max is brought to the strangely familiar farm. With measures unfolding towards oblivion, this city cat is forced to adapt to his surroundings and gather his courage as the mysteries of The Charmer, The Snake, and The Rain Cloud become revealed!

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